Coin Plating Options

Quality Challenge Coins offers many different plating options for you to choose from. If you have questions about which types of platings can be used with certain types of custom challenge coins, please contact us and we will be happy to help you decide which plating and finish is right for your custom coins.

High Polished Platings

Our high polished platings are the most common option for custom coins. The coins are electroplated with your choice of gold, nickel, copper, or black nickel, then buffed to a mirror shine. This plating can be used with soft enamel coins, cloisonne coins, and coins without enamel.

High Polished Gold

High Polished Silver

High Polished Copper

High Polished Black Nickel

Antiqued Platings

Our antique metal platings are perfect for those who want a less flashy look to their custom challenege coins. The finish subdues the metal so it isn’t as shiny and gives it a patina. Antique metal pins have a unique rustic look that is sure to impress.

Antique Gold

Antique Silver

Antique Copper

Two Tone Plating

Two tone plating is a feature that is sure to add a little something extra to your custom challenge coins. Two tone plating can be done with high polished gold and silver, or antiqued gold and silver. Since this process requires areas to be masked off by hand and re-plated, we recommend two tone plating larger areas of the custom coin with different metals to get the best looking results.

High Polished Two Tone Plating

Antique Two Tone Plating

Matte and Textured Finishes

Matte finish is applied to high polished coins to make them have a frosted matte look and make them less shiny. The matte finish can either be applied to specific areas of the custom coin or to the entire pin.
Textured finish is built into the mold, giving the metal a textured or gritty appearance. The texturing can only be applied to recessed areas in coins that are not filled with enamel.

Matte Gold

Matte Silver

Matte Copper

Matte Black Nickel

Textured Gold

Textured Silver

Textured Copper

Textured Black Nickel

Painted Metal Colors

Looking for something very uncommon to set your pin apart from the rest? We are happy to offer painted metal colors. This is a feature you will only find at Quality Challenge Coins. The custom challenge coin is first struck and plated with nickel like a normal pin, but then it is painted with a high quality enamel paint. The paint is very durable, but this unique finish means you will have to take special care of your coins in order to keep them looking their absolute best.


Whether you have a design ready to upload or just a rough idea, our artists will help finalize your custom coins. Fill out the form to get started. No cost and no obligation to buy!

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