Quality Challenge Coins is a leading manufacturer of custom coins for all kinds of different clubs and organizations. Custom coins from us are a great way to make your club or organization look very professional and distinguished. With our high quality and low prices, it’s easy to see why so many choose us. We have set up our ordering process to make ordering custom coins as easy as it possibly can be for our customers.

We have no minimum order requirements and welcome orders of all sizes. We store your design specifications and digital proofs, so your coins will look the same every time they are re-ordered.

Our representatives are also graphic artists, so you will be working directly with the designer to create and perfect your design ideas. We will help you design your coins so they look exactly the way you want them to.


Fill out the form below to get a free quote. We’ve searched the internet and compared our prices to our competitors to make sure you get the lowest price and the highest quality. One of our skilled team members will respond with a digital proof and pricing. Whether you have a complete design or just a rough idea, our artists will help you design and finalize your products so that they look exactly the way you want them to.