Custom Challenge Coins For Your Special Event

By qualitycc
custom company coins

Your special event and ceremony deserves your time and attention.  That’s why it’s so important to get everything right during the planning stage.  When honoring exemplary men and women for their achievements, it is essential to have a special gift in store for them.

Custom challenge coins make the perfect award to give out to your employees.  That’s because they are created with your company and vision in mind.  Because they are custom, you get a say in how they are produced from start to finish.  From the size you select right down to the colors that are included in your image, the challenge coins we create are 100% you.

Going the Extra Mile with Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins featuring details about the award being given can go a long way in impressing the recipient.  That’s because this highly collectible gift is very symbolic and regarded as the ultimate honor.   When placed in a velvet presentation box, it appears to be even more valuable.  That’s an option you have each and every time that you place a custom challenge coin order with us.

Men and women who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day obligations can be awarded custom challenge coins.  This allows you to tell them that you appreciate their efforts and want to continue to see them excel.

Tangible rewards like these pay off in more ways than one.  In addition to maintaining a strong work ethic, recipients of the coins tend to mentor other employees.  They also produce higher quality work and seldom miss a day due to absences or outside obligations.  This means that your place of business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Sequential Numbering of Challenge Coins

If you really want to go all out for your employees, you can have the challenge coins sequentially numbered.  This gives them the appearance of being extra special because they are limited edition.
You can also have the coins dual plated and even include a decorative edge of your choice.  This helps enhance the artwork that was created for the coins and makes them even more appealing to your employees.