How To Make Custom Motorcycle Challenge Coins

By qualitycc
custom motorcycle coins

Creating custom challenge coins for your motorcycle club is easy. We only need a rough sketch to get started. If your MC already has a logo or design, email it to us. Our artists can turn it into vector graphics that will be used to make custom challenge coins. Quality Lapel Pins has been making custom motorcycle coins for over 20 years making us a leader in designing and producing motorcycle rally, club, and fund raising coins.

With our wide variety of finishes and manufacturing techniques, you can be sure that we can make any type of custom coin that you need. We help out everyone from small clubs to large national events. Motorcycle challenge coins are a great way to initiate new members or to commemorate lost ones. We can make coins with photo inserts as a memorial. We can also add a bottle opener feature to most coin designs.

Custom Coin Options

You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to creating your own custom challenge coins. Quality Challenge Coins offers several different plating options. If you are not sure which one goes best with your design, consult our trained artists by emailing or calling us.

When designing challenge coins, some people get so focused on the look of the face of the coin. Don’t forget about all the possibilities that the edges offer! You can choose from all different colors and textures. This includes a thicker rope design, silver or gold, or even edges with words. Check out our gallery to get a better understanding of the different kinds of edges that are possible. You don’t have to go for the traditional circular shape when you’re designing your custom challenge coin!

Custom Coin Shapes

If you want to know how to make custom challenge coins unique, sometimes choosing a different shape can take things to the next level. For example, you could have the coin made in the shape of a medical cross if you’re giving them to emergency response teams. You could have the coin made in the shape of a Scouts-style merit badge if you want to honor a member of your corporate team. We can make coins in any shape and size. The only limit is your imagination. Speak with one of our trained artists to get started on your custom challenge coins today!