Create Custom Challenge Coins

By qualitycc
custom challenge coins

You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to creating your own custom challenge coins. Here are Quality Challenge Coins different plating options. If you are not sure which one goes best with your design, consult our trained artists by emailing or calling us.

Custom challenge coins are extremely versatile objects that can be used in a number of ways.  From colleges and universities to military bases, these popular gift items help push individuals to succeed at everything that they do.

Creating your own custom challenge coins is easy. Start by sending us your artwork or speaking with one of our artists to come up with an original design. If you don’t already have a drawing or image to send us that’s okay! Send us a description and one of our artists can come up with something for you. Once we’ve created a digital proof, we will e-mail it back to you for your approval. This is your chance to make revisions or additions before the artwork is finalized. When you’ve approved the artwork we will send it to our production team and your custom challenge coins will go into production. It’s so easy to make your own challenge coins, so get started today by filling out of free quote form. Upload your artwork or email it to There is no obligation to buy, so see what your custom challenge coins could look like today!